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Four Possibilities for the Kremlin Attack

Tom Nichols The Atlantc
Two drones struck inside the Kremlin complex early Tuesday. We don’t know exactly what happened but the Russian claims of a Ukrainian attack are doubtful. It’s more likely that Vladimir Putin’s regime is preparing an excuse for a new escalation.

A Bomb as an Argument

Boris Kagarlitsky Russian Dissent
A bomb that killed a Russian military blogger echos across past and future

About Russian Neo-Imperialism

Bernd Gehrke Against the Current
Bernd Gehrke is critical of those in the peace movement and left who dismissed the threat of invasion coming from Russia - a failure to understand the genesis of today’s Russian capitalism and its emergence from Soviet-era party bureaucracy.

The Nuclear “War” in Ukraine May Not Be the One We Expect

Joshua Frank TomDispatch
From time to time, Vladimir Putin or one of his cronies has hinted that the Russians, pressed to the wall, might use a “tactical” nuclear weapon in Ukraine. And Russian military leaders have reportedly been discussing just such a possibility.

Putin’s Mein Kampf: An Invasion Foretold

Greg Palast Buzzflash
How can too many of my fellow progressives, who marched against Bush’s “preemptive” war in Iraq, now find preemptive war by Putin justified by “NATO provocation”?


Putinism’s Defeated Opposition

Aleksandra Simonova Dissent
In a new collection, Ilya Budraitskis provides a trenchant analysis of the ideological underpinnings of Putin’s Russia and the domestic political groups that have opposed his government.


Making Sense of the Ukraine War

Eric Draitser Tempest
In a critical assessment of this new book, reviewer Draitser challenges some widely-held views and assumptions about the Russia-Ukraine war.
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