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Can Labor Seize Its ‘Movement Moment’?

Rand Wilson and Peter Olney Stansbury Forum
If we agree that a revived labor movement—and more worker organizing—is essential to combat the far right or tackle economic inequality, then we can’t wait for union treasuries to open. It’s imperative to unite as much of the labor movement as possible with a broader Left to defend our entire democracy.

Starbucks Workers at Over 100 US Stores Walk Out Ahead of Shareholder Meeting

Michael Sainato The Guardian
The actions were launched in response to Starbucks’ aggressive anti-union efforts against worker organizing, which have included allegations of firing dozens of workers in retaliation for union organizing, intimidation, store closures, withholding benefits, schedule cuts and delays in bargaining a first union contract.


Labor Action Tracker 2022

Johnnie Kallas,Kathryn Ritchie,Eli Friedman ILR School
2022 was yet another important year for the US labor movement, with organizing victories at major private employers and an increase in strikes across the country from the prior year.
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