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The Democracy Walt Whitman Wanted

Ian Beacock The New Republic
A new book argues that Whitman’s celebration of fellow feeling could unite America today.

Talking to Strangers by Peter Neill Carroll

Lee Rossi Big City Lit
Carroll is drawn to the eccentric and the oddball. In sinuous free verse, he limns a series of arresting anecdotes, few longer than a page, as he searches for Homo Americanus.


Being Roommates With a Stripper

Jennifer Elise Wang
Poet Jennifer Elise Wang gives the inside scoop about sex workers and other exploited workers.


Before Roe

Peter Neil Carroll
They say you can’t go home again, but the Supreme Court says otherwise. Peter Neil Carroll’s Before Roe offers a glimpse of “normal” from the bad old days.



Donna Pucciani
A surprise turn at the end of Donna Pucciani’s poem, “Pieces,” will shock the reader to consider how sheer evil has eroded our society.


Ideas To Postpone the End of the World

Aileen Cassinetto, et al Speak Poetry
California poet Aileen Cassinetto, Laureate of San Mateo, brings ecopoetry to youth activists fighting to save the living planet Earth.



Cynthia Atkins gargoyle, 74
Virginia-based Cynthia Atkins writes about some unexpected consequences of the world-wide brush with death.



Esther Kamkar
Esther Kamkar’s prayer for the dead addresses the vast universality of war’s human tragedy.


Kristallnacht in Tulsa

Philip C Kolin
Mississippi poet Philip Kolin depicts the crushing of the Black community in Tulsa, OK one century ago.
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