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Can the Left Disagree Without Being Disagreeable?

Vijay Prashad CounterPunch
We need to be far more generous with each other, able to hold conversations without resort to insults and abuses. Out of disagreement comes understanding. But out of malicious slander only comes disorientation.

Lula’s Victory Is a Testament to Solidarity

Jeremy Corbyn Progressive International
I hope those who cheer Lula’s victory pay attention to the source of his success. The route to a greener and fairer future is not through focus groups, it is through mobilisation of a multi-racial working-class, galvanised by the prospect of a government bold enough to act.

How the Left Can Build Its Own Politics

Hilary Wainwright Red Pepper
Confidence in the possibility to bring about change has often been built and rebuilt through local, frequently incomplete, victories independent of the Labour Party.


Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor New York Review of Books
The protests of 2020 revealed the extent to which our political movements are at a real crossroads. Do we continue to place the vast majority of our hopes on conventional politics? Or do we really begin to engage in the necessary project of rebuilding a radical, even revolutionary left?

MAGA Is Focused and All In. Are We?

Max Elbaum Converge Magazine
‘The main political responsibility of the Left is to identify, assemble, animate, and unite the social forces capable of accomplishing the primary breakthrough required at each moment.’
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