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Friday Nite Videos | February 17, 2023

Jordan Klepper Hits Nikki Haley's Rally. I Shall Be Released. How These Buildings Made Turkey-Syria’s Earthquake So Deadly. Revealed: the Hacking and Disinformation Team Meddling in Elections. Inside Disney World's Worker Uprising.

The Science (and Business) Behind COVID-19 Disinformation

Katelyn Jetelina Your Local Epdemiologist
Covid-19 disinformation is coordinated, effective, lucrative, and costs lives. This is true during the pandemic and it will be true for other public health problems. It’s a public health and biosecurity threat. And we need to treat it like one.

The Iranian Uprising and the Cycles of Protest

Nassim Noroozi, Linda Martín Alcoff The Indypendent 
How authentic protest movements like the one in Iran can be hijacked by a funded opposition that builds momentum for war and military intervention.

Defund Fox News

Anand Giridharadas The Ink
Advertisers have no loyalty, period. So if their association with Fox News represents enough of a threat to their brand equity, they will reallocate their budgets.
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