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A Real Jubilee: A Mass Write-Off of Debts

Caroline Molloy Open Democracy
Queen Elizabeth is celebrating her Platinum Jubilee of 70 years on the throne. Even before cost of living crisis, the poor owed the government – or, the Crown – £16bn. Why not just write it off?

Let Them Eat (Jubilee) Cake

Laura Clancy Red Pepper
It is not just that inequalities are being sharpened alongside the existence of monarchy, but rather that the inequality inherent to systems of monarchy provide the conditions for inequality within wider society. 


Review of "The Favourite": The British Royals Have Always Been Scum

Eileen Jones Jacobin
Despite generations of imperial murder, torture, rape, and plunder, the British ruling class still gets brown-nose treatment in historical depictions. Not so in The Favourite where they are shown as the disgusting creatures they were and still are.
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