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New York Times features Worker Rights

NYT editorial board; Lazaro Gamio; Julie Rotham & Shaina Feinberg New York Times
Count me in
The New York Times has put together three useful articles with graphics over the past week, highlighting worker rights and worker safety. Two pieces focus on COVID-19 and worker safety. The third is about the dangers of construction work.

“We’re Not Going to Work Through Coronavirus”

David Broder Jacobin
Italian mechanics pictured at their garage.
The European country hit hardest by coronavirus, Italy has announced a near-total shutdown of shops and public venues, but many nonessential workplaces are still running. Refusing to let bosses risk their safety, workers are now going on strike.

A More Perfect Union: Can Organized Labor Win in 2020?

Steven Greenhouse The New York Review of Books
Trump is a conman nonpareil who has fooled millions of workers into believing he is their champion. No institution in society is better positioned than organized labor to disabuse workers of that demagogic notion.