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This Is the Last Test for May 11

Please show me a log message!

Posting to Twitter Is Easy

But it took a while for it to be that way.

Posting to Twitter Does Not Work

I hope the social post twitter module makes it easier.

Posting to Twitter Is Hard

Just trying to post to twitter via social post twitter again.

A Week in People’s History, May 9 to May 15

The May 9, 1970, demonstration in Washington against the War in Vietnam was unusual in two ways: it was much larger than the organizers expected it to be, and it was co-sponsored by the Black Panther Party

Left and Woke

In their justified concern for inequalities of power, the woke often simply focus on power struggles rather than thinking about justice, which sometimes gets left by the wayside. If all you see in history is attempted progress that failed, you’ll find it hard to struggle towards progress in the future.

NAACP Sues Over Mississippi Legislation

If our state lawmakers really wanted to help fight crime, they would invest more tax dollars into mental health and anti-poverty programs to better support all of our communities, not finding new ways to oppress and overpower the Black residents of this state.

Resisting Cannibal Capitalism

If we are serious about saving democracy, care and the planet we need to address the root of the crisis, which is capital’s insatiable need to devour them.

Palestinian Epic Battle to Save Home From Demolition

The writer’s Palestinian friend, a blind school principal, has resisted eight years of Israeli efforts to drive his family out of Jerusalem. Ethnic cleansing is not just the moment of violence when a family is uprooted, or a neighborhood emptied.

Four Possibilities for the Kremlin Attack

Two drones struck inside the Kremlin complex early Tuesday. We don’t know exactly what happened but the Russian claims of a Ukrainian attack are doubtful. It’s more likely that Vladimir Putin’s regime is preparing an excuse for a new escalation.
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Yes, I Am Latina. And No, I Am Not Mexican

Rafaella Daumas Cultural Daily
“I am Latina,” insists poet Rafaellla Daumas. “And I am not another curiosity to be stared at/ And I am not just another stereotype.”


Yes, I Am Latina. And No, I Am Not Mexican

Rafaella Daumas Cultural Daily
“I am Latina,” insists poet Rafaellla Daumas. “And I am not another curiosity to be stared at/ And I am not just another stereotype.”


Please Eat in the Library

Mackenzie Filson Taste Magazine
Increasingly, libraries offer more than just a place to take a break between using fast and free internet and researching ancient Martian glaciers. They’re stocked with cafés and wine bars (yes, really!) that encourage lingering with a culinary experience all their own.



Dee Allen The Seattle Star
Eco poetry: California poet Dee Allen looks back and forward to the fight to save the South Atlanta forests.



How Secret ‘Bondage Fees’ Trap Contracted Workers in Low-Wage Jobs

Sarah Lazare Workday Magazine
Noncompete clauses in workers’ contracts, which prevent them from accepting employment with a competitor, have drawn public scrutiny and the FTC is proposing to ban them. But worker advocates say restrictive covenants that constrain the mobility of workers are noncompetes by another name.


It’s About Power

Southern Workers Assembly Southern Workers Assembly
Southern Worker School charts path for building workers movement in the U.S. South.


DHL Express Workers Join Teamsters

Kara Deniz International Brotherhood of Teamsters
The International Brotherhood of Teamsters scored a massive organizing victory for more than 1,100 DHL Express workers at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG).

Friday nite video


Paul Robeson Testifying Before HUAC

James Earl Jones re-enacts Paul Robeson's testimony before the House Committee on Un-American Activities (in memory of Robeson's 125th birthday)


Farmworkers | John Oliver

John Oliver discusses the conditions farmworkers face, how we’ve failed to protect them, and the Jolly Green Giant’s body hair.


Clarence Thomas' Secret Life of Luxury

ProPublica reporter Joshua Kaplan and Editor-in-Chief Steve Engelberg discuss how the bombshell report came together and what it means for our justice system.