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Global Left Midweek – Indigenous World


  1. Indigenous World
  2. How to Be an Ethical Communist
  3. Ukraine One Year In: Reports and Analyses
  4. Tunisia
  5. Suriname
  6. Philippines
  7. Jewish Applause for Barcelona
  8. Organizing the Unorganized in Japan
  9. Video: Ireland Against Racism


Indigenous World

How to Be an Ethical Communist

Raymond Suttner / Polity (Johannesburg)

When I joined the South African Communist Party, I was told that the definition of a communist is to be a member of the Communist Party. Where a Communist Party no longer adheres to the ethics of communism, it is important for one to find a way of realising those ethics, of helping others who experience pain and oppression, from outside the Communist Party. 

Ukraine One Year In: Reports and Analyses

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Tunisian Unions Build Cost-of-Living Fight

Al Jazeera (Doha)

Thousands of Tunisian trade unionists have held protests across the country over worsening economic woes and the arrest of a top union official. Demonstrators in Sfax, where the largest protest took place on Saturday, chanted “Tunisia is not for sale!” and “No to removing subsidies!” Some raised loaves of bread as a symbol of protest at soaring living costs.

Violent Protest in Suriname

Maggie Schmeitz / Stabroek News (Georgetown, Guyana)

A peaceful mass protest against the killing cost of living, held on the Independence Square in Paramaribo, turned into a violent confrontation between citizens and armed forces. Shots were heard and tear gas was used to disperse the crowd that included children, elderly, and persons with disabilities. 

Philippines: Marking the Fight Against the Marcoses

Lance Spencer Yu / Rappler (Manila)

Various groups vowed to keep the spirit of the mass anti-dictatorship uprising alive as the Philippines commemorated its first People Power Revolution anniversary under another Ferdinand Marcos. Several groups drew parallels between the ousted Marcos Sr. regime and the current administration of his son.

Jewish Applause for Barcelona

International Jewish Collective for Justice in Palestine

From many cities around the world, our members celebrate Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau’s decision to cut ties with Israel until everyone in Israel/Palestine fully enjoys their rights, safety, and self-determination. We thank Barcelona’s mayor and citizens for refusing to look away from abuses that they would not tolerate in their own streets. 

Organizing the Unorganized in Japan

Aoki Kotaro / Asian Labour Review (Seoul)

One of the most important events in the Japanese labor movement’s calendar is the Spring Offensive. This year, labor organizers announced a Spring Offensive for Non-Regular Workers. An organizer talked about efforts to mobilize workers on part-time, temporary or dispatch contracts, and why this is important for revitalizing the labor movement.

Video: Ireland Against Racism

Colman O'Sullivan / RTÉ News (Dublin)

Veteran civil rights activist Bernadette McAlliskey was at the head of the march. She told RTÉ News that there is plenty of room in Ireland, the problem is not refugees, the problem is the way the country is organised. The marches come amid rising numbers of anti-refugee and asylum seeker protests around the country in recent weeks.